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D Pants V Pull Ups

Here's a quick little comparison between D Pants and Pull Ups. They are very similar in shape, the main difference being D Pants are a training pant, and not entirely waterproof, and the Pull Ups are an ultra trim, sized nappy/diaper. The entire outer is PUL and they have a slightly higher rise at the back.

D Pants on the left, Pull Ups on the right

D Pants are definitely and intermediate sew, and I would recommend having some sewing experience before tackling them. PUL is slippery and cotton lycra is stretchy, making a somewhat challenging combination! But, I have recorded a couple of videos which can be found in my Facebook group

on the main steps to insert the back elastic, as thats the most challenging part.

Some Pull Ups made by my wonderful test team

D Pants examples

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