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Introducing...Dylan Boxy Pouches!

I've just released a new pattern, a set of 3 pouches with funky folded ends. These probably look fancier than they are, so don't be daunted if you think you won't be able to recreate them :)

This is a versatile pattern that can be made with a range of fabrics. Think synthetic leather or vinyl made into cosmetics and toiletries bags, the small size also makes a great pencil case made from vinyl.

Use woven fabrics such as poplin, twill or canvas and store sewing supplies or toys. Or use PUL or laminated minky fabrics and make the large into a nappy storage pod like pictured below.

Grab your copy of the pattern here while it's still on sale. (On sale until Friday 13th August 2021)

Stay tuned, the first pattern hack tutorial coming up later today.

Happy sewing,


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