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Tutorial Tuesday. Dylan Boxy Pouches pattern hack #1

Hello and welcome to the first pattern hack for the Dylan Boxy Pouches.

Do you love the look of these pouches, but don't like the exposed zip seam and/or binding on the inside is not your thing? Well, I've got you covered! Here's how you make the pouches with beautifully hidden seams.

Step 1. Pick your fabrics and pouch sizing. Cut out your outer and zip as per the pattern instructions.

Then cut 2 lining pieces from the below measurements.

Small - 25 x 14cm (9.84 x 5.5")

Medium - 29 x 23cm (11.4 x 9")

Large - 40 x 27cm (15.75 x 10.6")

Follow the pattern instructions up to step 7 for any straps or tabs you wish to add.

Step 2. Lay your fabrics and zip in the following order:

-Outer fabric, right side up

-Zip, right side down

-Lining fabric, right side down

**If you have placed strap(s), have the top stop of the zip at the same end as the strap(s).

Clip in place. (If you are using a woven fabric, you could also substitute pins)

Stitch the zip to the fabric, 6mm (1/4") from the zip teeth.

Step 3. Turn the zip and lining under so that the wrong sides of the fabric are facing.


Step 4. Repeat for the other side of the zip.